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David McRee, CPA

How To Effectively Use Certified Mail to Send Documents to the Internal Revenue Service

 If you must send a tax return, a letter or other document to the IRS, it is vital to be able to demonstrate 3 things:

  1. The date you sent the item
  2. Proof that the IRS received your package
  3. Proof of what was in the package when the IRS received it.

You can accomplish all three using the method in the video below:


Ordinary Certified Mail has a weak spot. It doesn't prove what was in the envelope you mailed to the IRS. In the video above, I show you a nearly foolproof method that will give you proof of all three of the above. The video is about 8 minutes long. In the video I explain, in detail, the method I use when I mail items to the IRS, like responses to penalty letters, Form 1023, Form 990, etc. If you use this method and the IRS ever challenges the date you said you mailed your documents and what you mailed and whether they were received by the IRS, you will have the proof you need to win the argument without going into a panic. The IRS simply cannot argue with irrefutable evidence. Think of it as cheap insurance.