Nonprofit Tax Help

David McRee, CPA

Serivces I Provide:

green check Preparation of IRS Form 990-EZ.
  Prepare Form 990, Form 990-PF, and Form 990-T
Preparation of returns being filed late and subject to penalties.
Preparation of Forms 1023 and 1024 to apply for tax-exempt status.
Responding to IRS inquiries.
Removal of IRS penalties.
Reinstatement of tax-exempt status after revocation.
Assist with state charitable solicitation registration.
Performing tax research to resolve questions.

Provide education and guidance on staying out of trouble with the IRS.

I am based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I do not provide services related to bookkeeping, payroll, independent audits, reviews, compilations, or any other type of attest service.

Help Writing Form 990 Late Filing Penalty Abatement Letters 

If your organization has been assessed late filing penalties by the IRS, I can write an abatement request letter on the organization's behalf. Many times, officers and directors of an organization, or even the organization's CPA, do not feel they have the experience or capability of writing an effective abatement request letter. When you are faced with thousands of dollars in penalties you want to be SURE you get it right the first time.

I can't guarantee that any penalty abatement request letter I write on your behalf will be successful. It depends on the facts and circumstances and the strength of your reasonable cause argument. But I can tell you that I've had great success with my approach for many years.

In fact, I just received word from a client (November 24, 2009) that a letter I wrote on their behalf resulted in the abatement of $44,730.70 in penalties for late filing of Form 990 for the last 10 years. It was a complicated situation, but I determined that reasonable cause did exist and the IRS agreed with my reasoning.

The cost for writing an abatement letter depends on the complexity of your argument, but will usually range from $400 to $800.

To effectively write an abatement request letter on your behalf I'll need for you to contact me and send me copies of ALL notices from the IRS that pertain to the penalty. Provide me with your email address and a phone number to contact you. I will then ask you a series of questions to determine whether you have reasonable cause, what your chances of success are, and what will be the best approach to take. Then I'll quote a fee to you, which is payable in advance before I begin work.

After writing the letter, I'll send a draft copy to you for your approval and to make sure everything I've said is an accurate representation of what actually happened. Once approved by you, I'll sign the letter and mail it to the IRS using US Postal Service Certified mail. A response from the IRS usually takes 2 to 4 months.