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David McRee, CPA

About David McRee, CPA

I am a Certified Public Accountant located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Since 1998 I have worked with non-profit organizations in the area  of compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and regulations. I have worked with organizations with less than $5,000 in annual gross revenues as well as organizations with over $10 million in annual gross revenues.

I have prepared over 500 Form 990 information returns for many types of tax-exempt organizations. I've assisted various organizations in obtaining exempt status, and have assisted many clients in having tens of thousands of dollars in IRS assessed penalties abated.

I was employed for eight years by a local firm with a long history of serving non-profit clients, and then for two years with a very large southeast regional CPA firm with a large non-profit base. I am now in private practice to be able to provide start-ups, and small tax exempt organizations with the timely, competent, and personal service they need and deserve.

Tax exempt and charitable organizations have their own area of applicable law, regulations, and IRS rulings, etc. Many CPA's and attorneys are not particularly familiar with the special rules that apply to these organizations. I have many years of experience working with tax exempt organizations and charities on a daily basis. I don't have the answer to every question, but I know where to find the answers.

I work with non-profits because I enjoy it. Our country could not function properly without charitable organizations and other tax-exempts. Imagine what would have happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina without the Red Cross and many others. Imagine all the services that our government cannot (and probably should not) provide. All our lives are made much better by the services of non-profits.

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