Nonprofit Tax Help

David McRee, CPA

IRS Form 990 and Form 1023 help Links Page

  • Another outstanding collection of resources. Has a database of 5,000 charities rated by varous criteria.
  • If you are soliciting charitable contributions in Florida, you must register with the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • Perform corporate document searches. Look up the status of a Florida business entity and view its annual reports.
  • Florida Law pertaining to the formation, operation, and dissolution of nonprofit corporations in the State of Florida.
  • This is a free online library of articles that will make you an expert on corporate governance issues and boards of directors. If you have a board, or if you serve on a board, you need to do some reading here.
  • An outstanding collection of resources for nonprofits, business, grantmakers, government, donors, media, researchers, and higher education. Guidestar allows anyone to look up Form 990's as filed by nonprofits. Compensation surveys are available for a fee.
  • This link will take you to the IRS website where you can learn what the process is for filing a formal complaint against a tax-exempt organization that is engaged in activities not permitted to a tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. A complaint can be made anonymously.
  • Here are the forms you need to file your articles of organization in the State of Florida. Be aware that for nonprofit corporations to qualify for Federal tax-exemption, additional paragraphs must be added to the State's generic template. See IRS publication 557.
  • Download the IRS Forms your organization needs.
  • The IRS provides a lot of great information on this website. Read it all and you will be an expert. Caution: calling the IRS to ask technical questions about points of law pertaining to charities is not advised. Their help line is designed to answer simple procedural questions.
  • Online preparation and efiling for do-it-yourselfers. Provided by the National Center for Charitable Statistics. This is an online service, not software to download. It is free for organizations with gross receipts of less than $100,000.
  • If your organization is using another name to conduct business than the one shown on its articles of incorporation, you will need to register the fictitious name. CLICKING THIS LINK WILL OPEN A PDF DOCUMENT.
  • Online database of IRS Revenue Rulings. Includes links to many other tax resources including court cases, IRS code and regs, etc.
  • The Multi-state Filing Project website. All the info and resources you need to use the Unified Registration Statement to register in states where your organization solicits charitable contributions.